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  • What Is A Developmental Checkup?

    At a developmental checkup, your child will receive a complete head-to-toe assessment to ensure that his or her growth and development is progressing on track.

    Pretend City invites parents to complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) by clicking the button on the left. This is a free parent completed assessment on your child’s development.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends developmental checkups at your child’s 9, 18, 24 and 36 month well-child visits, although they can be performed every few months until your child’s fifth birthday.


  • Who Can Perform A Developmental Checkup?

    • Developmental checkups can be performed by a combination of:
    • Pediatricians, family doctors, dentists and nurses
    • Occupational and physical therapists for fine and gross motor development
    • Audiologists for hearing development
    • Speech therapists for speech, language and communication development
    • Cognitive specialists for thinking and problem-solving development
    • Vision specialists for eye health
    • Mental health professionals for social and expressive development

    Specialists will document your child’s progress or any concerns and note whether or not a referral is needed to another agency for additional support. Parents or caregivers should leave with a copy of the checkup so they are aware of what developmental skills were screened and what areas of development may need additional support.

    Where Can My Child Receive a Developmental Checkup?

    • Right here! You may not be a child development specialist, but you are the expert regarding your own child. Click on the button above to complete a FREE developmental checkup with your child using an Ages & Stages Questionnaire

    • Your family doctor or pediatrician. At your next well-child visit, ask your doctor if he or she can perform a complete developmental checkup for your child. If you have any concerns, be sure to let your child’s doctor know. 

    • The Community. In addition to your child’s doctor, the Family Support Network provides FREE developmental screenings for children age birth through five years. Find one in your area today! (FSN Screening Schedule [English] [Spanish]) 

  • Ages & Stages Questionnaire

    What is an Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)?

    An Ages & Stages Questionnaire is a parent completed developmental checkup taken to ensure that your child’s growth and development is progressing on track. It looks at your child’s strengths and challenges, educates you about developmental milestones, and incorporates your expert knowledge about your child to learn more about their development. It assesses five major development areas: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal social. It is valid, reliable and American Academy of Pediatrics recommended. 

    Were Can I Find an Ages & Stages Questionnaire?

    You can take the ASQ online here. Paper copies of the ASQ are also available for FREE by visiting Pretend City Children’s Museum lobby. 

    Where Does the Ages & Stages Questionnaire Go Once I Complete It?

    Once your child’s ASQ is complete you will either submit it through our online portal or mail it to Pretend City Children’s Museum utilizing the attached prepaid envelope. By completing this questionnaire, you are giving consent to allow Good To Go From Head To Toe to review your child’s ASQ and send you the results along with a list of developmentally appropriate activities to encourage learning through play. Also included is (1) FREE child’s admission ticket to Pretend City Children’s Museum. You will receive your child’s ASQ results via e-mail from Pretend City. If results indicate a need for further referrals, you will be contacted by our partner Help Me Grow Orange County. If you have any questions concerning the ASQ or are interested in learning more about our services, please contact the Good To Go From Head To Toe Developmental Screening Coordinator at (949) 428-3900 ext. 209.

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