Security & Sanitation

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  • Security Measures

    Pretend City is designed and set up as an adult & child interactive experience, just like most other children’s museums, amusement parks, and playgrounds.

    Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times.

    To assist parents/caregivers in keeping children safe in Pretend City, we have several security measures in place. Read about them below.


  • 1. Security cameras record everyone leaving through the front door and the rear door leading outside from our Theater area.

    2. All staff members are in radio communication with one another at all times. When children and parents/caregivers become separated there are standard procedures that are immediately put into effect to reunite guests quickly and efficiently. These procedures have been proven effective on a daily basis.

    3. We are recruiting volunteers who will be stationed at the front door to make sure that no child leaves without their adult. We currently have volunteers manning this position several hours a day but do not have someone covering this position full time. When no volunteer is in this position, the front desk staff monitors the front door.

    4. NO ADULTS ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER PRETEND CITY WITHOUT A CHILD. Any adult that needs to enter the facility without a child is escorted through the exhibit floor by a staff member – there are no exceptions.

    Many people have asked, “why we do not use a security system of matching wrist bands (much like other pay for play facilities)?” We have investigated such a system and are not convinced that it would be effective in this setting. By instituting a less than foolproof system we feel that we would be giving parents / caregivers a false sense of security.

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Pretend City Security plan, please contact us

  • Sanitation

    How does Pretend City keep your city healthy? Click here to learn about our Sanitation Process.

  • Sick Policy

    We work hard to ensure children enjoy their museum experience in a safe and clean environment, and in return expect parents to screen their children’s health and play responsibly.

  • Strive to Be Nut-Free

    We ask our guest to refrain from bringing any type of food that contains peanuts and all nuts into the facility. Many children have an extreme allergy to nuts, therefore we strive to keep our facility nut-free.

  • Measles in Orange County

    The California Department of Public Health has said: “Measles is highly contagious and highly preventable through vaccinations. CDPH is urging caution to individuals who are not vaccinated, especially infants under 12 months. Any place where large numbers of people congregate and there are a number of international visitors, like airports, shopping malls and tourist attractions, you may be more likely to find measles, which should be considered if you are not vaccinated. It is absolutely safe to visit these places, including the Pretend City, if you are vaccinated. Therefore, CDPH recommends that anyone not already immunized against measles gets immunized at this time. Two doses of measles-containing vaccine (MMR vaccine) are more than 99 percent effective in preventing measles. If you are unsure of your vaccination status, check with your doctor to have a test to check for measles immunity or to receive vaccination.”

    All Pretend City museum employees have been vaccinated.