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Kimura Chang Family

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Kimura Chang Family

We decided to give our first gift because we know we use the membership so often and my son visits the museum often so we wanted to give something more back.  We love to donate to anything for the art or sandbox.

The most important work Pretend City does is allow my son to have a safe place to have fun and pretend to be whatever he wants to be while he’s a young toddler. It isn’t daycare because our nanny watches our son, but they come often so Takeo feels like it’s his special place to go to.

My husband and I work a lot on the weekdays and can only bring him on the weekends. Our caretaker takes my son Takeo to the weekday member hour/ morning sessions every weekday. Over time the staff and volunteers have gotten to know him and know him by first name. He in turn knows some of them by their first name and as he’s learned to talk and grasp a stronger vocabulary.  He tells us at dinner time about people or the activities he did at Pretend City. It’s not just one significant time but he will always tell us at least one special thing he did at Pretend City at dinner on the days he goes. That is special because he isn’t in formal school yet, but the museum has been great at bringing a sort of structure to his life at a place for him to enjoy.

What wish that everyone knew there is a lot of care put into the new themes or activities at the museum. Our son is so happy and excited to bring back a new art or tell us what he did that specific day at the museum.

We wish other families knew how beneficial Pretend City is for repeat visits! This is a perfect place for a young toddler to develop and try out new things. 

Kimura Chang Family

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