Thank you for taking an important step in better understanding your child’s growth and development. Children grow up so fast – they are crawling, walking and talking before you know it. That’s why Pretend City Children’s Museum, through its child development initiative Good To Go From Head To Toe, is working together to help you and your child’s doctor follow your child’s development. By providing you with access to this free online developmental checkup, you can track your child’s development every step of the way!

The Ages & Stages Questionnaire is designed for children ages birth through 5 ½ years. These first five years of a child’s life are filled with major developmental milestones that prepare them for lifelong learning; in fact, 90% of a child brain is developed by age 5. If your child is older than 5 ½ years old and you have a question or concern about his or her development, please consult your child’s doctor.

Please note it takes 2 weeks to get the ASQ tickets from when you submit the form.

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