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Wilson Song and Connor Wong

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Wilson Song and Connor Wong

At a young age, Pretend City introduced us to various roles in society. As we explored the city, our imaginations were unlimited, and we felt a sense of independence and empowerment. We remember cashiering at the grocery store, pulling money from the ATM (we no longer have one at Pretend City), picking apples, and splashing while playing with sailboats. Each visit to Pretend City was a new adventure, and a fully stamped employee timecard represented the joyous time spent.

Later as middle schoolers, we became interested in entrepreneurship.  We started our first business selling stationery and gifts featuring our artwork. While discovering challenges to find platforms to sell our goods, we started hosting business fairs, essentially creating marketplaces for teens and kids to exhibit and showcase their creative products. Now as Sage Hill High School students, we host these fairs twice a year, providing kids a jumpstart into the world of entrepreneurship, where they can learn the basics of product development, marketing, and profit. Through this process, we have become passionate about supporting fellow youth entrepreneurs, and our fairs have grown with participation to over 200 entrepreneurs, 35 sponsors, and 1500 shoppers. 


At our most recent fair, we raised funds for Pretend City. We are excited to donate these funds to assist with the move and expansion to the Great Park. We believe the new location and the addition of amenities including outdoor facilities will allow Pretend City to broaden its access to more children and families, as well as enhance the Great Park. We hope that more children will have the opportunity to enjoy Pretend City just as we have.

Wilson Song and Connor Wong

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