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Sally Family

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Sally’s Family
Carlson Beck LLC
Pretend City’s Café Quarterly Sponsor
Korean BBQ Korner

My children loved the children’s museums in our community when they were growing up. They were great places for play that fostered creativity, visualization, and the courage to try new things. We had many adventures and there was always a lot of laughter and merriment.

Pretend City promotes experiential learning which I really enjoyed when I was young, my children loved, and it’s even a great way to learn as an adult! Plus, Pretend City appeals to younger children at a critical development stage. The exhibits capture their imagination while encouraging them to try new things. I wish everyone knew how much fun it is to be doing, learning, and adventuring at Pretend City! I also wish everyone knew that by investing in our children and their education, we are investing in the community and our future society.

As a transnational adoptee from Seoul, South Korea, who was raised in northern California by my Swedish American parents, I have always maintained my connection to my roots through Korean food. I know firsthand how food can be both a comfort, as well as a form of “otherness.” Therefore, I am so pleased to sponsor the Café so that children, at their youngest age, develop a curiosity for foods that are different from what they eat at home, all while making new friends.

 Sally’s Family

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