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Parents have the daily opportunity to turn their children’s fun activities into RICH experiences.  When someone asks us, “Why do parents have to pay to get into a children’s museum when the museum is designed for children” the answer is simple:  A children’s museum is designed to benefit both children and their most important adults by educating young children through play and empowering caregivers to use play as an effective vehicle to educate their children.

At Pretend City Children’s Museum, self-motivating “child’s play” can be transformed from a simple fun experience to a rich learning opportunity through the engagement of enlightened parents.  By playing with their children, parents can extend the fun pretend play scenarios to introduce new ideas and concepts. Parents can pique new interests for children and can reinforce their bonding relationships by enjoying and appreciating pretending with their children.  Parents can learn and understand more about their child’s unique ways of thinking, interests, and developmental progress through engaging in pretend play with their children.

Pretend City, is designed as a miniature real world environment.  It provides parents with the perfect setting – designed especially for developmentally rich learning.  Parents can transfer what they learn about their children’s interests, thinking processes, and wonders in this “micro-world” of pretend play to continue to teach them in their own real world experiences.  Pretend City empowers parents to enrich their children’s lives through their role as their child’s First and Most Important Teacher!

Pretend City Children’s Museum is a not-for-profit community based organization.  Admission fees are collected to defray the cost of programming, exhibits, supplies, staffing, training, and the cost of the facility and its upkeep.  The admission and other earned revenue is supplemented by philanthropy from our generous community of donors.  These fees and contributions also allow us to provide the free services to our underserved community for free and reduced cost fieldtrips, developmental and health assessments, health fairs, and services for children and their families who are disabled.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our pricing.

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To protect the health of Pretend City Children’s Museum community, we ask families to please only come play with us on days that everyone is feeling well.

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