When I Grow Up Day




    What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

    Pretend City’s annual “When I Grow Up Day” allows children to explore their future careers and get their minds thinking BIG.  Professionals from all over the community are joining us here at Pretend City to share their jobs with all our little friends!

  • Little Firefighters


  • What To Expect

    • Cop cars, motorcycles, trash trucks, 2 buses, CHP, SWAT truck, giant mosquito statue, and a banana car open for exploring outside!
    • Zookeepers, Ballerinas, Firefighters, Coast Guard Officers, and so much more!


  • FREE Truck Touching!

    Professional vehicles will be out for display in the front parking lot of the museum. It is FREE to explore the trucks up close and personal!

  • Parking


    Parking found in rear lot only. Carpool and public transportation strongly suggested. Parking guidance will be available.



  • Pricing

    Regular admission prices for entrance into the museum to visit more professionals.

  • Purchase your tickets here!
  • Get ready to meet these renowned professionals!

  • waste management

    Coast Guard


    Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • Irvine Police

    Healthy Smiles

  • UCI Health Center

    OC Sheriff's Department


  • Santa Ana Zoo


    Waterworks Aquatics