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Pretend City Children’s Museum is “the world in a nut-shell”, designed for children to learn how the real world works while engaging their curiosities and imaginations. The museum is a child-size interconnected city built to balance rich educational intention with boundless fun, where children can assume various real-world roles and let their creativity rule.

Three Tips For Your Child To Go Bananas Over Books

Linda Hunter, Senior Project Director at Pretend City Children’s Museum Offers Easy Steps to Promote Literacy in Your Home  Story telling is something that is innately human and whether it is through the pictures or words in a book, the process of discovery for...

Supporting Early Language Development

One of the most important indicators of a child’s academic success is the size of their vocabulary around age five. Begin building your child’s literacy skills with an early emphasis on language development. Moving from letters and sounds, to words and their meanings,...

Peaceful Design: Reduce Conflict Through Peace Education

“If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.” Gandhi   Peace Education is the process of when children build values, an understanding of others’ perspectives, and exhibiting harmonious behaviors with themselves, others and...

The Benefits of Bilingualism in Early Education

Around age two, our children’s vocabulary rapidly explodes as they discover names for everything they experience. The development of language contributes to our children’s ability to process and understand the world around them. With an increased embracement of...

Preparing for What’s Ahead: Navigating Change and Reducing Anxiety

In this time of global pandemic, the only thing constant is change. As we transition into the fall season, big life changes are on the horizon for our families and their little ones. Whether its transitioning to in person schooling, moving into a new house, or a...

Preschool STEM: The Importance of Starting Early

From birth, children are naturally curious about the world around them. As educators and providers of early childhood education, we know that the most critical point in neurological development occurs between birth and the age of 5. Harnessing this innate curiosity...

Raising a Critical Thinking Child

“When you teach a child something, you forever take away his chance of discovering it for himself. ”- Jean Piaget   Last week in our “Let’s Talk Kids” parenting webinar series, child development professor Tom Chiaromonte of Fullerton College shed light on what it...

Returning to School: Fostering Children’s Mental Health

Returning to school in the fall will not look like it did a year ago. As many school districts begin to release their plans for reopening, deep concern regarding the mental health of children affected by online learning has surfaced. What can we do as parents to...

Supporting our Children as We Welcome the “New” School Year

We had some fun expectations! My five-year-old and I were excited about Back to School shopping, choosing her favorite pencil box, a backpack and for her first time, a lunch box. We were especially looking forward to, albeit a bit nervous, about the first day of...

Building Resilience During a Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, many parents have expressed concerns regarding their children’s emotional well-being and development. The trauma that constant change and uncertainty has brought into our youth’s lives may have lasting effects on their social and...

Pretend City Builds Better Brains!


Pretend City’s Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) screens and assesses the developmental performance of children in the areas of communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving, and personal-social skills. It is used to identify children that would benefit from in-depth evaluation for developmental delays.

Parent Resources

Receive useful parent resources from Children & Families Commission of Orange County. These resources include easy and fun activities to try with your child that help them grow healthy and strong. Also learn about the importance of health screenings through an Ages and Stages Questionnaire.

Early Childhood OC

Early Childhood OC is a community collaborative that was formed to develop Orange County’s Early Childhood Policy Framework in order to ensure young children reach their developmental potential and are ready to succeed in school and life.

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Healthy Kids, Healthy Museum

To protect the health of Pretend City Children’s Museum community, we ask families to please only come play with us on days that everyone is feeling well.

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