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Buky Family

Pretend City first caught my eye 15 years ago.  It was a place where I could take my daughter to explore, imagine, play, and pretend.  We ventured to Pretend City many times while she was between the ages of 3 and 6 years old.  As a pediatric occupational therapist, I realized the value of this amazing facility and the experience it brings to our youth. 

As a therapist, I see children and their environments in a unique way.  Pretend City facilities all the developmental milestones needed for growth, captures cognitive skills that young minds crave, and feeds the spiritual component of peer engagement and sense of community.  It also develops “kid power”, teaching children they can master their environment and enjoy it.  It offers me and my staff at Butterfly Therapies, Inc.  a place to recommend to our families, for enriched activities. 

My most beloved memory is of my daughter.  She had difficulty at times in multisensory environments.  She would tend to shut down at times.  She was playing in the pretend house at Pretend City, playing house.  Next thing I knew, I looked over and she had dressed up and was on stage singing with a pretend microphone.  It was beautiful to watch her find her confidence. 

I love to donate my time, my experience as an OT, and wine…  Seriously, I have amazing friends, who are my daughter’s Godparents, that join me in wanting to contribute to Pretend City.  They donated wine for the Start Smart luncheon.   The best part of the story is that they have two children, both of which joined us multiple times at Pretend City.  They realize the value it brings to our future generation. 

Pretend City allows you to get out of your home and explore, learn through interaction, and enjoy changes in your everyday environment. 

Buky Family

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To protect the health of Pretend City Children’s Museum community, we ask families to please only come play with us on days that everyone is feeling well.

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