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Edler Family

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Edler Family

My relationship with Pretend City started in 2000, when I was asked to be part of City 60. To be a part of City 60, sixty women gave a gift worth at least $1000 every year for three years, to fundraise for a new museum. I didn’t have kids yet, but I knew I would have them someday. I also knew that I wanted the museum to be built by the time my children were born and wanted them to have a place to build and learn.

Many of the women in City 60 already had kids and their kids eventually outgrew the museum by the time it opened in 2009, but it’s such a special place.  A lot of the unique exhibits encourage diversity and welcome different ethnicities and backgrounds. Kids learn through the café, the home, and in presentations about different cultures. Our family loves to travel and going to Pretend City is a way to travel without leaving your community, especially when your kids are little.

At Pretend City, every child can have hands-on experiences like rushing to the grocery store or visiting the bank. In our day-to-day lives, sometimes I didn’t stop to let my kids enjoy those things, but at Pretend City they could experience those parts of our community.

My story with Pretend City has come full circle. My kids got to enjoy the museum when they were little and then for the last 6 years, my daughter Mari and I have volunteered at Pretend City with our National Charity League chapter. When Mari had the opportunity to choose a project for her Girl Scout Gold Award, she decided to partner with Pretend City to have Mari’s Mindful Masterpieces come to fruition, as a special art therapy event at the museum. Pretend City was so supportive of her project and allowed her to be hands-on, even as a high schooler.

I donate to Pretend City to support their mission and priorities. It’s time now for people who started Pretend City to bring their grandchildren to the museum. It’s a multigenerational opportunity for the Orange County community and I hope everyone takes advantage of what is in our backyard!

Caren Edler

Photo on the left – City 60 photo of Caren Edler (Caren is second from left)
Photo on the right – Mari Edler at Pretend City working on Mari’s Mindful Masterpieces with the kids

Edler Family

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