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Cassara Family

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Cassara Family 

We were inspired to give our first gift when we looked back at all the amazing memories and imagination Pretend City offered to our family. It’s been a favorite place for the kids to since they were two years old. Our daughter, Sophie, is now 10 and our son, Ben, is now 7 and they love it just as much if not more. 

The most important work Pretend City does is spark imagination and creativity. Allowing kids to be anything and everything. It peaks curiosity and opens them up to ideas they might not have had. 

The most special thing about Pretend City is the bond it helps facilitate between kids and adults. Whether it be between parents or grandparents. The kids grandma, Rere, gets right in and plays with them. It’s an amazing feeling when the kids come home and share ALL the jobs they had, the experiences they had playing music, dressing up, being on stage or building things. 

I wish everyone knew what a magical place Pretend City is for ALL ages. It creates special memories for kids and their families. 

 “Pretend City is a place that inspires you to learn and become new things.” – Sophie (10) 

 “Pretend City is really cool.” – Ben (7) 

Cassara Family 

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