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INSPIRE! Annual Giving

Inspire! ANNUAL GIVING >> 

Pretend City is a leader in offering a solid foundation for healthy development, school readiness, and long-term well being and success. 

When we invest in early childhood, we​ 

  • Build Better Brains before kids reach school​ 
  • Identify developmental delays in time to manage them 
  • Nurture meaningful relationships with caregivers​ 
  • Spur up to $16 in social benefits for every dollar invested​ 

Your Giving Impact  



A Child’s Experience​s & Staff Expertise​ 

Improve and Preserve
(minimum $5K investment)​ 


Thank you for your generosity.  Early childhood is the most important investmentyou will make today. 

Become a Pretend City PlayBuilder with a minimum $10 recurring monthly gift.


Making a legacy gift is a powerful way to demonstrate your lasting support of Pretend City.


Shop for your items through our Amazon Smile and support Pretend City.

Here at Pretend City we are all about encouraging kids to dream big. Now you can help your child dream even bigger by putting their name on a book at the Pretend City Library. 

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Healthy Kids, Healthy Museum

To protect the health of Pretend City Children’s Museum community, we ask families to please only come play with us on days that everyone is feeling well.

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