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Fisher Family

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The Fisher Family

Janice and David Fisher fondly refer to Pretend City as Max’s Museum, a place where their family has experienced tremendous growth together.  They have become some of Pretend City’s greatest advocates, bringing friends through their VIP Membership, and now becoming volunteers to advance Pretend City’s mission.

“What made us decide to give our first gift was a deeply personal experience. After witnessing the sheer joy and wonder in our son’s eyes during his first visit to Pretend City, we knew we had to be a part of supporting such a special place. Seeing him immersed in a fun and safe environment, where learning through play was not only encouraged but celebrated, was truly magical. We wanted to ensure that other families had the same access to this enriching experience, where children can learn, grow, and create lasting memories.”

“Pretend City provides a dynamic and immersive environment where children can learn through play. The hands-on experiences foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and social development, laying a strong foundation for their future. Most importantly, allowing kids to be kids.”

Janice shared about one particularly touching experience at Pretend City when a group of older children noticed their son Max exploring one of the exhibits. The kids went out of their way to include him in their imaginative play. Despite the age gap, they warmly welcomed Max into their activities, patiently explaining the different roles and scenarios they were acting out. “It was incredibly heartening to witness the kindness and empathy these older kids showed towards Max, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie in the play space. Their inclusive actions not only made Max’s day but also left a lasting impression on us, highlighting the spirit of community and togetherness that thrives at Pretend City,” shared Janice.

“We wish more people knew about the incredible learning opportunities Pretend City offers. It’s not just a play space; it’s an educational hub where children can explore various real-world scenarios and develop essential life skills in a fun and interactive way. We’re proud to support Pretend City and its mission to ignite the imaginations of young minds. Investing in early childhood education is investing in the future, and we encourage others to join us in supporting this invaluable resource for children and families. We believe our children are the future, and by modeling good citizenship and inclusivity, we can create a better future for the generations to come.” 

The Fisher Family

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