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Howard Family

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Howard Family

We made our first gift because we really believe in the mission and objectives of Pretend City.  Pretend City is a safe place for our children to explore things on their own level and to interact within the community.  It has benefitted both of our children.  We love the Mission of Building Better Brains. 

Pretend City offers opportunities for kids to engage in various things on their level.  Everything is kid-sized and kid-focused.  Throughout the summer, we visited Pretend City weekly and even in the fall, we try to visit three or four times a month.  My daughter is always excited to visit, and she asks about Pretend City whenever it’s been too long since we’ve last visited.

We love the fact that the museum is located in Irvine.  Additionally, the museum offers valuable educational resources and child screenings for parents with small children.   

There are so many things that my children recognize outside of the museum that relate to their experiences at Pretend City.  When they see a police officer or a UPS truck, they recognize them because of their playtime at Pretend city.  When she recognizes things outside of the museum and makes connections to them, I know that her time at Pretend City is well spent and that she has learned from her experience there.

When visiting Pretend City, I encourage parents to pretend along with their children.  This will set a unique foundation for parents to help them better engage with their children outside of the museum and further enrich their time together.  

 Howard Family

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To protect the health of Pretend City Children’s Museum community, we ask families to please only come play with us on days that everyone is feeling well.

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