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Sandy Avzaradel

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Sandy Avzaradel

I believe that the way to fix the societal ills of the world is to prioritize the care, nurturing and development of our youngest children. Pretend City does just that. Their very thoughtful and intentional space, programs and resources envelopes their understanding of the importance of the first years of life. Building Better Brains through positive and responsive interactions with peers and adults is what sets the foundation for healthy development. Learning through play and imagination sets children on a positive trajectory for life. PC’s mission speaks my language!  

PC provides a space where the adults in a child’s life can be in the moment, connect with their child in a healthy and fun way, and build their child’s brain architecture.  95% of the brain is developed in the first eight years of life, and Pretend City understands this! By providing experiences for families with young children to strengthen neural connections, Pretend City is Building Better Brains. Pretend City also supports the development of special populations by providing education and development programs such as Baby Steps, Good To Grow, Field Trips, etc. These programs provide education and resources to support special populations, which in turn helps our community thrive!  

I have so many stories about the great work PC does, but I have to say, Baby Steps is one of my favorite programs! I love to see new moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and friends interact and build brains with their significant little ones; this warms my heart. It gives me hope that our world is going to be ok because these littles are getting what they need right from the start! 

It is all so important – but being an Executive Director of a non-profit, I know how difficult it is to raise money for general operating expenses that are not tied to programming. I know my monthly donation is going to whatever is needed, so I just give generally!  

I wish everyone knew how important the first eight years of life are and how essential adult interaction is in those early years. Pretend City knows this and provides a space for the adults to support healthy brain development, which sets children up for a lifetime of positive social, emotional, physical, and cognitive health.  

If you have the means, find a cause that speaks to you and set up a recurring monthly donation!  

Sandy Avzaradel

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