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Tartamella Family

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Tartamella Family

I was introduced to Pretend City by a friend, who mentioned the museum to me over lunch, about three years ago. I brought my grandson Ezra to visit. I’ve worked professionally in Orange County for over 35 years, and my experience the first time was wonderful!  I was immediately impressed with everything at Pretend City, the staff, the vendor sponsors, and the interaction with the children during playtime.  

One of my favorite moments was when Ezra was shopping at the miniature “Trader Joe’s”, and he was mimicking his mom who shops there often. While pushing the cart, he was saying, “Let’s get healthy fruits and some almond milk!” He also enjoyed putting sand in the dump truck, riding the little cars on the miniature roller coaster tracks, building miniature buildings, and working in the garden. I still treasure those photos of his play time at Pretend City.  

I think that the most important work that Pretend City does, is to emphasize child development by providing a great environment for learning skills and critical thinking. Having the kids use their imagination, and as a parent/grandparent  to witness  the creativity, is magical.  

My niece’s friend, Claire Risoli, is the owner of the restaurant, Pocha LA, and we loved seeing a miniature Pocha at the museum. We loved watching the children “pretend” to  cook, serve others, and have fun! This is what validated my membership to the museum, on my last visit. 

I am honored and happy to donate to Pretend City, and will support where needed. I will help encourage other guests that may not know about this wonderful place, to visit and  to become a member. We need to spread the word, about this wonderful nonprofit made for children. It’s a gem, for children to learn developmental skills in a safe environment, and just be kids! Boys and girls having fun with each other, without any negative influences. I’m especially excited to hear about the new space at the Great Park in Irvine, coming in 2026. Expand, spend time with other parents with similar values, to keep our children safe and happy. Pretend City, you are doing great things for our children, and our Orange County community. Thank you!

Tartamella Family

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To protect the health of Pretend City Children’s Museum community, we ask families to please only come play with us on days that everyone is feeling well.

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