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Stockton Family

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Stockton Family

Pretend City has been a thrill of discovery and exploration for our daughter, Lincoln, for years. As an infant, just crawling, the tactile engagement and the auditory experiences were delightful and provided her with a wonderful sensory experience. 

As Lincoln developed the museum offered more depth as we revisited and further investigated all the learning spaces. Each exploration challenges her to extend her thinking. While the garden and farm provided a hands-on investigation with realistic exposure to their elements as a toddler, the experience deepened as we discussed and learned how plants grow, how we cultivate living organisms, and the production of the food that we eat. After visiting the farm, we would transfer that knowledge and experience about ecology and food production to an actual shopping adventure in the Pretend City grocery store. Prior to the pandemic, when we were grocery shopping in our local store Lincoln told us, “This is just like Pretend City!” 

So many of the experiences at Pretend City have served as a springboard for our continued learning at home and outside of the museum. Lincoln’s interest in music and performance was piqued on stage and in the auditorium at Pretend City, and we now have a family marching band and a dedicated music area in our home, replete with various engaging (and loud!) instruments. 

An authentic and significant transfer of knowledge from Pretend City that resonated for our family, was watching Lincoln explore the dentist’s office at the museum and then translate those encounters to our first visit to the dentist. Lincoln was familiar with the set-up of the doctor’s office, the equipment, and the environment. During her initial visit, she was excited to climb onto the chair, open wide, and meet our dentist. The social story that we were able to create for her at Pretend City prior to the visit to the actual doctor lowered her affective filter, alleviated any anxiety that may have occurred, and provided us a stellar first visit to the dentist with Lincoln asking, “When do we come back to the dentist?!” as we headed home. 

We feel privileged to donate to such a wonderful institution. We are eager to return to the museum when it is safe, and we are so thankful to the dedicated staff for making the world come to life in the safe and child centered atmosphere that is Pretend City. 

Stockton Family

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