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Tiffany Family

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Tiffany’s Family

Discovering Pretend City was an immediate love at first visit for me as a new mom in 2017; the mission of the museum to build better brains through such creative, fun and CUTE play captivated me, and upon further learning the resources available for me as a parent, I was hooked!  

For me, Pretend City is not only a space for kids to run around and experience the world in a nutshell, or as my toddler puts it a “never-ending museum”, but it has a way of also connecting adults to play in a creative, stimulating way with their children. I love seeing the expressions of curiosity and discovery, and how my kids explore their social and emotional sides with other little ones they meet and play with during visits.  

To imagine Pretend City through the eyes of my kids validates the no-brainer reason why I am such a fan and supporter of the museum. From placing my then six-month old daughter on the Trader Joes’ scale (whoops!) for fun, to seeing her drenched in the water exhibit these days…. the development, growth and exploration I have witnessed through every single visit has been immensely fulfilling and a joy. 

Being involved within philanthropy in Orange County definitely includes supporting Pretend City. As a donor, I see the impact and outcomes created and feel the fulfilling experience of giving. I know my family and I have joined something special in being part of the Pretend City family. 

Tiffany’s Family

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