Developing & Discovering Diversity Program

  • The Developing and Discovering Diversity Program focuses on providing an environment for children to experience new cultures and learn to appreciate diversity. The Pretend City Café and Home exhibits change quarterly to focus on a different heritage or culture. In the Café, the menu, pretend food, and décor change. In the Home, a new family of real Orange County residents “move in,” bringing their traditions, culture and lifestyle with them. Educational staff facilitate learning through monthly activities, such as cooking or art classes, relating to the cultures represented in the exhibits.

    Children will experience customs they would not otherwise be able to explore, creating an environment of respect for all people, regardless of ethnicity, religion, ability, or orientation. Beyond preparing them for new responsibilities in their own lives, children playing in these exhibits appreciate diversity as an integral part of our community. Exposure to another culture is crucially important for young children. Early experiences with different lifestyles reinforce a child’s ability to be accepting and inclusive. A positive view of other cultures can ameliorate bullying and other playground problems, gang activity, and divided neighborhoods.

    Want to learn more about our featured families?  Check out our youtube channel at:  Interested in being featured in our ‘home’ exhibit?  Fill out the application and return it to Pretend City.