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Kim Family

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Kim Family

My family moved to SoCal from a small campus town in the Midwest over a year ago. For my two active sons at the time, our family was looking for good age-appropriate educational and entertainment opportunities. Pretend City came to my family as a great first gift for our family in SoCal. 

It’s well-known that children grow and learn while having fun imitating adults’ occupations. At Pretend City, as the name of the museum implies, my kids can experience various occupations through fun play.  

My wife and I were so amazed at the quality of this museum on our very first visit. Even though it’s a bit smaller than other museums in bigger cities such as Chicago in the Midwest, the quality of each learning space in the museum was equal to or above those other museums. Throughout the long dark tunnel season of COVID, all the museums were kept cleaner and neater than we thought. They were great attractions for my family. 

As a Korean, it was so impressive that at Pretend City we found the Korean-related culture zones such as the Korean BBQ restaurant and family home in the museum. They made the museum feel so familiar and we were happy we could easily teach our kids about Korean culture. That has been an important and unique experience for my family. 

We are still making our family’s plan for more leisure time with Pretend City. My older one is eager to have his birthday party at Pretend City, and the younger one is looking forward to visiting and playing again more frequently. We are excited about the renovation of the construction zone which we supported, and we hope it will be completed quickly. 

Pretend City note: The pretend café and home at Pretend City change over every four to six months as part of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. In the past two weeks, the pretend Korean BBQ cafe has been replaced by Pocha, a Mexican inspired cafe and the home now has a Tongan and Samoan family whose family traditions are being explored in the museum. 

Kim Family 

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