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  • Join the Parenting Movement!

    Have you ever struggled with managing your child’s behavior? Childhood Behavior Pathways  is holding parenting workshops to all parents with children ages 3 to 5 years. Child Behavior Pathways is a joint program between CHOC Children’s and UC Irvine. Experienced professionals will lead this 9 week series utilizing evidence-based curriculum. Curriculum will cover the following: Techniques to increase positive parent-child interactions Approaches for preventing disruptive behaviors in the future Tools for responding to common attention getting behaviors Strategies to foster a child’s attention, social skills, and self-esteem Location & Time Pretend City Children’s Museum 29 Hubble Irvine, CA 92618 Every Tuesday July 15th to September 9nd 6:00p.m. – 8:00p.m. Enroll Online Parents can enroll online at Child Behavior Pathways. For more information, please contact Child Behavior Pathways       English: (949) 267-0CBP (267-0227)       Espanol: 949-267-0200        Email:

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  • Creating a Childhood for Your Children

    Have you picked up your OC Family April issue? The cover story is a must read for all parents, educators, and caregivers! The article “Creating a Childhood” is full of advice, tips, and information on how parents can create a childhood for their children. The article is beautifully written by Michele Whiteaker, and delves deep into the various aspects of what it means for children to have an empowered childhood. Some of the topics covered are the importance of play and the age of childhood . At Pretend City, we truly believe that play can change the world. We are honored to have OC Family interview our Senior Director of Education, Linda Hunter to discuss how important play is in a child’s life. “Play equals health, happiness, learning, relationships, and fun. Children need time and acceptability to wonder and explore. Parents have the power to provide that.” – Linda Hunter The article also provides 5 practical tips on what parents can say to encourage childhood. 1. Nothing 2. “Well I wonder? Hmmm,  I see. What do you think?” 3. “You could try that,” or “I wonder if you could?” 4. “Get dirty.” 5. “Tell me a story.” Let us know your thoughts […]

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  • Top 10 Internet Safety Tips for Parents

    The OC Register included some great internet safety tips for parents that we thought we would pass along. OCSD Deputy Clay Cranford included 10 tips to help parents safeguard their children’s online privacy. 10 Internet Safety Tips for Parents 1.    Ask your children about what they see/do on the Internet 2.   Turn on Parental Controls for all mobile devices and with the phone/internet provider. 3.   Check privacy setting on all social networks, and periodically check for any changes.  4.   Monitor your child’s device and monitor usage. This includes installed apps, browsing history, and text messaging recipients.  5.   Set up your own accounts on social media, and follow/friend your children.  6.   Review their friends and followers on social media. 7.   Know your children’s passwords and usernames, and periodically check for any changes. 8.   Don’t let your children know the password to their phone’s iTunes or Google Play account.  9.    Don’t allow them to keep their computers or mobile devices in their rooms at night. 10. Don’t allow them to use anonymous texting apps like Kik Messenger and Yik Yak, or provocative social media sites like We would also like to include […]

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  • Food Art for Kids! Inspire Healthy Eating through Art!

    7 Food Art Project Ideas for Kids This month, we’re exploring all the fun and exciting things that happen in a Grocery Store. Perhaps your child will take on the roles of a cashier, stocker, customer, or maybe even the store manager! However, in order to make smart choices in the Grocery Store, we need to understand nutrition and healthy eating. So before you head off to the grocery store, stop by the Art Studio to create art projects that will inspire healthy eating as your children explore healthy food options in a fun and unique way – through art! Find the fun, educational lead art activity day that best suits your child’s developmental level: (Pin for later for fun at-home art projects:   Mondays: Art Studio Sessions – Food Fun Specifically for:  Infants (Birth – 12 months) Not everything you buy at the grocery store is just for eating! Edible items are great for art projects with your infants as mouthing is how babies learn about the world- one lick at a time. Join us to see what your child will create.   Tuesdays: Art Studio Sessions – Paint with Your Food Specifically for:  Young Toddler (12 – 24 […]

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  • AAA Turbo Celebration

    Join us on Wednesday, July 10th from 10am to 2pm. AAA will be at Pretend City with a Turbo Celebration. The AAA Two Truck is part of the new movie, Turbo (from Deamworks) that opens in theaters next week. AAA is bringing some fun Turbo related activities to share with our Pretend City community. The following activities will be available: Photo Opportunity  Snail Art and Coloring Sheets in the Art Studio Write a letter to Turbo in our Post Office Give-Aways and raffles every 30 minutes Turbo video clips and a special PSA from Turbo and friends AAA Car Seat Safety information. Make plans to join us. Guests will also receive 20% off admission with their valid AAA card.

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