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Talk Like a Pirate Day 

September 18, 2022

Smart Art (all day):  Ahoy! What be a pirate without their hat? It’s time to get folding some newspaper and coloring with some crayons to help children become the fiercest pirates upon the seven seas!
Hoist the main sail! Use some yarn and rope to practice tying knots! Not only a handy life skill for sailing, but also be good practice for shoe tying!
(Sensory Table)> Arr, it be time to look for buried treasure! Take up your shovels and start searching through sand for the lost gold!
Purpose: Kids will be able to develop their fine motor skills through folding, coloring, and tying. They will be able to cultivate a sense of adventure and take safe risks, while also developing precise wrist movements. 

Story Time (TIMES: 11AM & 2:30PM): How to be a Pirate by: Sue Fliess
Synopsis: Little landlubbers get to earn their sea legs on a pirate ship amidst the goofiest pirates ever. There’s lingo to learn, a pirate look to choose, and most importantly, pirate rules to learn. 

Social/Emotional Implications (directly following story time): 
Making pirate rules: Work with the children to come up with pirate rules that we will all follow in the city to keep the city safe! Tie this into the community codes by saying, “Every city has rules to keep everyone safe! In our city we have three big rules. Does anyone know what our rules are?” If you get responses, go from there, if not you can say, “our three rules are 1. Stay with your grown up 2. Keep our city clean 3. Play in peace. But now that we are pirates, what should our three rules be?” Write them out as the children work together to create rules that work for everyone. If someone raises their hand to answer, ask the other children, “what do we think of this rule?” Allow the children to give response, collaborate, etc.! 
Purpose: Collaboration, rules help children feel safe in their environments, rules give children clear expectations so they can understand boundaries, positive language and literacy skills, supports children in understanding their impact.

Grown-up Tip: Supplying your child with materials to manipulate their own masterpieces, not only sparks creativity but allows for open-ended building and brainstorming. Next time they want to buy something, think to yourself, “Can my child create this at home?”  


September 18, 2022
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