• How to Talk to Your Children About Coronavirus

    With Coronavirus being a growing concern, we should be prepared to talk with our children about this epidemic. It’s important to regularly follow healthy habits and procedures throughout the day to keep away germs and bacteria. Whether it be washing hands or covering a cough or sneeze, make sure to demonstrate the proper precautions alongside your child. Instead of making clean up a chore, make it fun and educational. This will help children understand the importance of staying healthy while relating it to their world. What if your child is scared about what is going on? Make sure to stay calm and be there for your child when questions arise and relay accurate information. It’s important to help them understand why changes are happening and what you are doing as a family to avoid Coronavirus. To help them feel safe, keep up with daily routines such as bedtime and designated family time. Have to cancel something fun? It’s hard for children to understand why their birthday party is canceled, or why you aren’t headed to the park for the day as usual. Let them know you’ll still be having fun at home! Here are some fun and educational activities to […]

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  • Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy at Pretend City

    An Important Message Regarding Coronavirus March 16, 2020 Pretend City will be closed temporarily effective Monday, March 16 to support the efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.  We look forward to announcing soon when we will reopen. During this time, Pretend City will continue to conduct deep cleaning of our exhibits and spaces. Until we are able to reopen to the public and welcome guests back to Pretend City, we have plans to continue supporting parents and children with live streaming activities through our youtube channel.  Stay tuned. We thank our community for your support and patience during this time. Pretend City will continue to monitor in real time and will issue an update on reopening as information becomes available. Stay current with Pretend City by email, on our website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A list of guidance documents and more information about Covid-19 from the California Department of Public Health can be found here. We understand this is a trying time for everyone. Thank you again for your support. We look forward to seeing you soon. March, 10, 2020 We know the recent news and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) may have you rethinking your plans to visit Pretend City Children’s Museum.  At Pretend City,  the safety of […]

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  • Tips to Know Before Visiting Pretend City

    Tips for your next Pretend City Trip Making a trip to Pretend City? Here’s a helpful guide of all the important details you should know before visiting the Museum! About Pretend City: Pretend City is an educational nonprofit focused on building better brains through play-based exhibits. Learn more here: (link to “about us” page) Buying Tickets: You can purchase tickets online here: The tickets are good for any date after purchase. Best Time to Visit:  Every day is a great day to visit Pretend City! Here are some helpful days for slow traffic days. Field Trip Report: Fieldtrip visits are listed on the front page of our website. This lets guests know how many students will be at Pretend City.  Afternoons are always quieter at Pretend City. You can also visit after 4:00 p.m. during happy hour (Half off admission) Member’s Only Benefits: Want to visit early and often?  Purchase a membership – you’ll be able to enter an hour before we open to the public with no black out times! Parents with Infants: If you are the parent of an infant 18 months and younger, we strongly recommend visiting Baby Steps. This safe, clean, and engaging event is just […]

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  • Everyone Counts! How Pretend City is involved in the California Census Count

    Pretend City is Getting Involved in the OC Census Count The California Census has a mission to ensure that all Californians are counted. By encouraging the full participation of all Californians, we can ensure that citizens receive their fair share of federal resources and congressional representation.   Pretend City is teaming up with the Census office to encourage parents to count their children under 5. Last Census, children under 5 years of age were seriously undercounted. This led to schools and educational programs being underfunded.   This year, we want to urge parents to count ALL that are living in their homes. Some of our strategies include special programming in the Museum, a new mural, and monthly community meetings with a time for Q&A.   Pretend City will also provide free admission tickets to each family that completes their census here in the Museum. This program will start in March. Date TBD. For more information about our events: CLICK HERE  To learn more about how you can ensure your entire family and those living in your home are counted, CLICK HERE. 

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  • Supporting a Child’s Emotional Development through Pretend Play

    Supporting a Child’s Emotional Development through Pretend Play Pretend City’s Play-Based Mission supports Health Emotional Development Pretend City Children’s Museum exists to support healthy child development through play-based learning. In our blog, we cite various scholarly articles that reveal the essential correlation between play and emotional learning.   According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Play is not frivolous; it enhances brain structure and function and promotes learning.” Play is fundamentally important for learning 21st-century skills, such as problem-solving, collaborating and creativity which are critical for adult success.  Emotional development is related to school readiness and adult success. Without the integration of age-appropriate play children, children are at risk for emotional issues such as tantrums, physical outbursts, social delays, and deregulation. Through fun parent-child play opportunities at the Museum, Pretend City educates caring adults and the community at large, about the critical importance of Play in healthy child development.  How does Play help Children Develop? Children need to develop various skills to optimize their development and manage toxic stress and negative emotions. Research demonstrates that developmentally appropriate play with parents and peers is a singular opportunity to promote the social-emotional, cognitive and self-regulation skills that build a prosocial brain.  When children properly develop their emotional competence, they are more likely to sustain learning. […]

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