Welcome Taymourian Family!

Pretend City welcomes the Taymourian Family as our new residents in our Home Exhibit!

The Taymourians, Kamran, Nadereh, Kourosh, and Kian are from Irvine, California and are of Iranian descent. They speak both English and Persian in their home and enjoy a traditional Iranian meal every night.

Each quarter, we model our home after a featured family to highlight our Developing and Discovering Diversity Program. We provide a learning environment that incorporates different cultures, allowing children to experience differences in families in a concrete way. Children can physically play in a different family home and truly immerse themselves in that culture.

The Taymourian family shares the museum’s view on the power of diversity and believes it to be an important part of every child’s learning. They believe it’s important to learn tolerance, understanding and appreciation for different cultures.

One of the ways to experience a different culture is to learn about the foods people eat. A strong component of a Persian home is fresh brewed tea. It’s traditionally made with loose tea leaves and fresh boiling water in large tea pot. The color of your tea is as important as the smell, so Persian families use transparent or glass cups to properly see their tea.

Along with their cultural traditions, the Taymourians also believe in the power of a zero-waste lifestyle. Naderah learned the importance of this at a young age when she would watch her grandmother sew and use every scrap of fabric available. To her grandmother, waste had no meaning and that message resonated with Naderah.

In the Persian culture, nature is highly respected and cared for. Naderah and her family treasure this connection to nature and live a simple lifestyle to sustain it. They believe in sorting, reusing, and rethinking, and live this motto every day. They make a conscious effort to purchase only items that will last and reuse ones they already have.

The family’s environmentally friendly lifestyle is tied closely to Nadereh’s career. She is currently the VP of Sustainability for Earth Friendly Products and they call her “Mother Earth.” She proudly highlights their carbon neutral, water neutral, and zero-waste facility.

Another important aspect of the Persian culture is their celebrations! The Taymourian family along with other Persian families will be celebrating Persian New Year or Nowruz this week.

Persian New Year is held on the first day of spring to welcome the new year.

A tradition for Nowruz is the “Haft Seen,” a tabletop (sofreh) with seven symbolic items that all start with the letter Seen in the Persian alphabet.

A few of the items and their representations are

  • Sabzeh (Sprouts): Rebirth of nature
  • Samanu (Sweet pudding from wheat): Affluence and sweetness
  • Seebb (Apple): Health and beauty
  • Senjed (Persian olives): Love
  • Seer (Garlic): Good health
  • Somaq (Sumac Berries): Color of sunrise
  • Serkeh (Vinegar): Age and patience

The tabletop traditionally stays in the Persian household for 12 days and on the 13th day the families reconnect with nature and plant the Sabzeh back into the Earth.

Stop by Pretend City to visit the Taymourian home and immerse yourself in their Persian culture. Each room features a range of items and activities that you and your child can use. It provides so much great information to discuss with your child how this Persian-American family is different from your family and very importantly, how they are the same. This is how you develop an appreciation for diversity in young children. You can also find a few of Earth Friendly Products that you might want to replace in your own home.

Happy Nowruz!

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