Way To Play Days

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    Discount On Admission
  • What Are Way To Play Days?

    Way To Play Days are the second Friday of every month and also offers guests a discount of Buy One, Get One admission. Coupon must be printed and presented to the front desk to receive the discount. The discount cannot be combined with any other offers.

    Visit us on these special days to learn more about your child’s development and how you can encourage emerging abilities through play.

    Valuable on-site resources and activities include:

    • FREE health check-ups such as developmental, speech, vision and/or dental
    • Local child development experts on site, providing valuable resources and answers to questions
    • Hourly skill building activities, stories, and tips for learning at home
    • Spin the Good To Go From Head To Toe Wheel for a prize!
  • How To Make The Most Of Way To Play Days

    There are many things that grownups can do with their children to help strengthen and explore their development. On Way To Play Days, adults are encouraged to complete our grownup challenge in order to give their little ones a chance to spin our prize wheel:

    1. As you play with your child, watch for the milestones they achieve during the simple play activities
    2. Check off the milestones your child can complete; just a few or all of them
    3. Visit the Good To Go From Head To Toe table and spin the prize wheel!

    Help your child reach their developmental milestones with the Good To Go Way to Play Adventure Guide. The guide contains developmentally appropriate activities easily organized by ages 2 months through age 5. Using these play activities, your child will strengthen different skill areas such as, movement and muscle, communication and expression, play and social, thinking and problem solving!

    Each set of activities is followed by a Purpose Behind The Play, which easily identifies the developmental benefits your child is gaining through each play activity!

    Join Us Every Month

    Way To Play days occur the second Friday of every month. View our Calendar of Events for all Way To Play days.

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