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Vergel de Dios Family

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Vergel de Dios Family

From the first day we set foot inside Pretend City, we knew had to become members. Our toddler, Summer, expressed so much excitement going inside Trader Joe’s and showing us how she’s able to do the grocery shopping just like her mom. It gave us time to work on her development by counting out the food items in English and Spanish. Nathan has been able to work on his dexterity in various areas by stacking up Legos, fixing the tires on the car in the workshop and by picking up vegetables and fruits in the farm area. It is so nice to see them enjoy learning as they play.

The volunteers and staff at Pretend City have been very friendly and attentive to the kids’ learning experience in the facility. We hope that young families like ours get the opportunity to experience the great educational resources that Pretend City has provided our kids. It was the first place our kids were able to interact closely with children of their own age, especially due to the pandemic.

We are grateful to have Pretend City in our community and will continue to share their educational philosophy with all young families we meet. We know that the social skills they develop will help in their daily interactions. We support Pretend City by participating in the events that help the museum.

Vergel de Dios Family

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To protect the health of Pretend City Children’s Museum community, we ask families to please only come play with us on days that everyone is feeling well.

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