Trader Joe's Grocery Store at Pretend City Children's Museum

Have you ever thought of a grocery shopping as a learning experience for children? Your grocery store is filled with great literacy and math learning opportunities  including:

  • Counting

  • Addition/subtraction

  • Measuring

  • Learning the value of money

  • Sorting and categorizing

  • Letter recognition

On your next visit, incorporate a fun activity to teach your child mathematics while shopping by giving them a go at shopping for apples – they will pick up skills such as:

  • weighing objects

  • identifying differences and similarities in shapes and sizes

  • calculating costs

The grocery store is also a great opportunity to teach by example. Your child may have observed how you make one of their favorite meals at home, such as spaghetti. While grocery shopping, ask them what ingredients are needed to make their favorite spaghetti at home and let them pick it out. They will learn things about the grocery store such as:

  • that the store is organized into groups of similar things (i.e. produce, aisles, dairy)

  • that it takes several ingredients to make one thing (the whole is made up of many elements)

  • that the same product can have different costs (consumer literacy)

Come to Pretend City and explore our brand new Trader Joe’s grocery store! It’s fun for you to visit a child-size Trader Joe’s and your child will be able to go grocery shopping and pick out items exactly as they would be displayed in your own local Trader Joe’s grocery store. And who knows, you may just be planting the seeds for a future gourmet cook in your family!!

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