A Taste of Italy with Pretend City


Pretend City would like to welcome our little visitors to our brand new Italian restaurant, La Trattoria Italiano!

La Trattoria Italiano is a fully interactive restaurant exhibit where your child can immerse themselves in Italian cuisine and all that it’s got to offer.

Come as a patron and watch your little tot play restaurant server by taking your order and sending it to “la cucina,” or the kitchen. The kitchen is fully stocked with assorted spices and ingredients for your child to play chef and get creative.

What will they cook up? The menu offers a variety of authentic Italian cuisine with food your child can get messy with to create delectable dishes! Enjoy a delicious plate of spaghetti and meatballs or a nice afternoon Gelato! This meaningful play will teach children how to identify shapes and colors while learning about the food they put into their bodies.

This exhibit displays rich Italian culture with images of Italian cities along the walls and popular food and art. Your child will also learn first-hand the responsibilities that come with a restaurant job from taking patrons’ orders as a server to cleaning up afterward as a busser. Utilizing different roles in a restaurant allows your child to practice social and communication skills. As the head chef, your child will have to communicate with their staff on upcoming orders and the server can engage their guests in polite conversation.


Pretend City aims to build your child’s understanding and appreciation of diversity through the universal language of food. So come on over to our museum and enjoy the flavors of Italy!

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