• Let’s Get Musical: How Music Helps Children Develop

    How Music Helps Children you ask? Hey parents and caregivers! Have you ever noticed the way music seems to always grab your little one’s attention? Have you noticed your child singing to themselves, or trying to sing along to a song in the cutest baby gibberish you’ve ever heard? Do you know why? Yes, we’ll admit, it is possible that you have a musical prodigy in your hands. However, music probably mesmerizes your child and the reason is simple. Music stimulates children and their brains in the most wonderful ways. It helps when developing listening skills, while also helping to build their relationship with YOU. Brain Development According to Noreen Kassem of, music helps children to develop their brains by activating many important areas. Some of these areas include: The cerebrum and the cerebellum, which both help develop a child’s motor and neuro skills, aiding in physical performance ability. The limbic system, the part of the brain that links emotions and the reason why music often helps soothe or put your child in a good mood (and even changes your mood). The auditory cortex, which helps a child decipher auditory information and increase the ability to analyze content. And the list goes on and on! […]

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  • Risk Taking: Child Development Magic!

    I watched something magical happen the other day! As most of our readers know by now, Pretend City Children’s Museum is hosting a new summer exhibit called Super Powers. During the first week of operations, we were customizing the zip-line activity to ensure a safe experience for all of our guests. Initially, I spent a couple of hours simply observing how this exciting activity was being used by both children and their adults. Since the installation, children have been flocking to this area to zip down the rope like a super hero and I can assure you that it is definitely a “super” popular activity! As I was doing my initial observation, I noticed a mom and her (best guess) 3 year-old son. Mom was trying to talk a very hesitant 3 year-old into trying the short zip line and he was having nothing to do with it! He dug his heels in and refused to even step up on the starting platform. But he was interested in the activity as evidenced by his reluctance to leave the area and do something else. So this smart mom let him watch, remarking on the fun the other children were having. After […]

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