• Let’s Get Musical: How Music Helps Children Develop

    How Music Helps Children you ask? Hey parents and caregivers! Have you ever noticed the way music seems to always grab your little one’s attention? Have you noticed your child singing to themselves, or trying to sing along to a song in the cutest baby gibberish you’ve ever heard? Do you know why? Yes, we’ll admit, it is possible that you have a musical prodigy in your hands. However, music probably mesmerizes your child and the reason is simple. Music stimulates children and their brains in the most wonderful ways. It helps when developing listening skills, while also helping to build their relationship with YOU. Brain Development According to Noreen Kassem of, music helps children to develop their brains by activating many important areas. Some of these areas include: The cerebrum and the cerebellum, which both help develop a child’s motor and neuro skills, aiding in physical performance ability. The limbic system, the part of the brain that links emotions and the reason why music often helps soothe or put your child in a good mood (and even changes your mood). The auditory cortex, which helps a child decipher auditory information and increase the ability to analyze content. And the list goes on and on! […]

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  • Activities for Visually Impaired Children

    Activities for Visually Impaired Children Pretend City found a great inspiration guide for inclusive games, toys, and activities for visually impaired children. Playtime is now more fun with textures, games, and even baking! Playtime with Blind and visually impaired children by Wooden Toy Shop For more information on visiting Pretend City, click here.

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  • 10 Unique Holiday Traditions

    Gingerbread houses and Christmas trees and PRESENTS! The Holiday season is HERE and it’s about time to start lighting the Christmas tree and stuffing those stockings. This year, start some fun holiday traditions leading up to Christmas with your family to get your little one excited for the holiday season. Here are some fun traditions you and your family can do! Advent Calendar It is NEVER too late (okay, maybe the 24th would be too late…) to start an advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. You can buy one at any store in the holiday section or create your very own and include some goodies the family can enjoy. Worldly Traditions Exploring international traditions with your family would teach your child a lot about different cultures. This year at Pretend City, we are celebrating Las Posadas! Check out what we have to offer on our fun day of celebrating this Mexican tradition, Feliz Navidad! • Click here to learn more about how Pretend City is celebrating Las Posadas Christmas Loteria Play Merry Christmas Loteria. A Mexican style bingo game that’s fun for the whole family. Books Under The Tree Wrap Christmas books and place them under the tree. Every […]

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  • Superheroes Inspire Children to Choose Healthier Foods

    Newsflash: Cornell study shows that children can be primed to order healthier fast food items merely by thinking about what their favorite superhero would eat. As parents and grandparents we are always looking for inventive ways to get children to eat a healthier, well-balanced diet. It appears that super heroes may help with this! In a study conducted by Cornell University, children were positively influenced to make the healthier choice of apple slices over french fries because they identified that super heroes would make that same choice. Although it was a fairly limited study it’s reassuring to know that this strategy actually works. As we all know, young children learn best through their play. At Pretend City Children’s Museum, our young guests are being treated to a super surprise this summer with the opening of our new Super Powers Exhibit. It’s truly super hero play at its best and parents can double the significance of this rich play through conversations about super powers! Throughout the summer children will be dressing as super heroes, participating in super power activities and in general, BECOMING SUPER HEROES through their play. This type of pretend play really locks in a child’s identity as a […]

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