STEAM in the City! Everything You Need to Know

STEAM in the City! Everything You Need to Know

Here at Pretend City, we believe all learning can be fun – and that fun is learning!  As an educational facility, we cater to children’s needs in all levels of development and know the importance of STEAM in the child’s growing mind.  

What is STEAM?  

STEAM is a popular acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.   As technologies advance and become more universal in our world, the recognition of its developmental capability’s has grown. Under its wide umbrella of topics, STEAM can help your child strengthen fine motor skills while gaining an understanding of how the world works around them.  

Why STEAM?  Why Now?  

As a child grows, different neurological pathways are created in their mind. By age 5, most of these important paths are developed. These neurological pathways need to be used or they’ll be pruned away…but utilizing them is easier than you think!  At a young age, children’s naturally curious mind will love the science behind anything they do – washing their hands to worms in the sand. Learn any time when asking “why?’ questions. 

How can I bring STEAM to my home?  

As intimidating as STEAM sounds it is easy to introduce kids to the science all around them – even with common household items.  There are countless science projects, crafts, challenges, and experiments to pique your child’s interest without a hassle, and at Pretend City we’d love to introduce you to a few! With these simple activities, we’ll explore the science behind their play! So come join us on Thursday, January 31st at 12:30 pm to experiment with STEAM!  

In the meantime, try these activities at home: Click Here!

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