Pretend City Coupons

How to Snag a Coupon to Pretend City

Our Museum, first, wants to thank you for your continued support of your facility. Your family’s admission helps to financially support our mission of “building better brains.” This allows us to provide discounted and free admission to thousands of children across Pretend City while also educating parents and business of our developmental screenings, child development, and healthy play.  

 Here are a few tips on how to acquire couponand free admission to Pretend City. 

  1. Take an ASQ: Ages & Stages Questionnaire 
  1. An ages & stages questionnaire is a developmental screening that is designed to show your child’s strength and weaknesses. Upon completion, our child development specialist will send you the results to your screening along with resources and a free admission to the museum. ASQ’s can be taken every 3 months.  
  1. Way to Play Days: 
  1. Buy One Get One Free Days occur the second Friday of every month. In addition, we provide ASQ’s in which you will receive an additional free admission. 

Other special ways to receive coupons to Pretend City include being active on our social media, signing up for our e-newsletter, visiting special outreach events Pretend City visits and attending a birthday party or field trip at Pretend City!  

Pretend City also provides discounted admission to those who have a Military or EBT card.  *must have valid ID that matches card* 

Finally, Bring Pretend City’s Screen. Play. Ready! Program to your business. We will provide snacks along with key information about school readiness and child development to the employees. This program is completely free and Pretend City will also provide all the parents with free admission to Pretend City. Email for more information. 

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