Best Potty Training Tips from Orange County Parents

Best Potty Training Tips

Oh, Potty Training. What a wonderful time in a child’s life. Right? Okay, well it might not be the easiest transition – potty training can be eased a bit with these helpful tips from Orange County parents.  

Tip 1: Have a positive outlook on using the restroom. 

Oscar G. writes: Make sure everyone in the household looks at going to the bathroom as a positive. — Don’t make faces if it smells, don’t get angry if there are accidents. — Celebrate it instead and be shameless about it when *you* as a parent go, and let them see, watch, ask questions, etc. And then be excited when it’s their turn.  

Tip 2: Consistency and Routine 

Use the restroom always. Try placing your child’s potty where they are so they don’t have a choice but to use it. Keep it up though and don’t back down. 

Tip 3: Don’t push it! All kids are different. 

This tip comes from quite a few parents. Shana S. writes, “Wait because when they’re ready to own the decision to use the toilet, it’s pretty seamless.” Christine W. writes, “With one kid, I pushed and she pushed back. I finally backed off and ordered a book online and that day, she decided it was time and that was it. With #2 we didn’t even mention it. He decided when he was 2.2 and asked to use the potty. He kept his pull-ups dry and that was that.” 

Jennifer V, commented, “ Do not put pressure. Kids are ready in their own time. Treats help with positive reinforcement when they DO go.” 

Tip 4: Probiotics for # 2 help things move along.  

You will definitely want to seek advice with a pediatrician on this tip. However, some parents did go on this route and documented better success.  

Tip 5: Invest in children’s books that talk about using the potty. 

Jen H. wrote, “We had books about going potty in the bathroom to read while we waited and kept a small treasure box (in sight of the potty to help remind them of a goody if they go) with stickers, small toys, etc. that they could choose when done. Neither one of my kids took very long after that.” 

Tip 6: Stay close to home while training. 

Patty J advises staying close to home/at home initially. Don’t even bother driving anywhere. Also, we woke up our kids at 11p-12mid each night for at least a year after potty training so they could empty- even when they wore a diaper to bed. At some point, they decide they don’t need a diaper after months of waking dry. 

Tip 7: Let them pick out their underwear 

This interesting tip came from Danelle W. She explained, “We got a book about a little girl who was potty trained and read it with our daughter every night. She really took pride in the ‘I am a big girl now’ concept. We then went shopping for her underwear. She picked them out and wouldn’t want to ruin them with using the restroom in them. It really helped the connection piece.” 



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