Parent Resources

  • Orange County Early Developmental Index (EDI)

    The Children and Families Commission recently completed the Early Developmental Index (EDI) for Orange County children.  What is EDI?  It measures (1) physical health and well-being; (2) social competence; (3) emotional maturity; (4) language and cognitive development and (5) communication skills and general knowledge for children in kindergarten.   Why is this important?  Because it measures if our children are ready for kindergarten and we know that kindergarten readiness is a predictor of children’s success in school. Research shows that investments in quality early learning programs have impressive economic outcomes, both in the short- and long-term. Extensive research also demonstrates that high-quality early learning programs can help children attain impressive results in the long-term.   More than 24% of Orange County kindergartener’s tested developmentally vulnerable (bottom 10%) in one or more areas of the EDI and only 48% of children tested ready in all five areas.  Click here for the report of Orange County’s EDI.


  • Help Your Child’s Development

    The Children & Families Commission of Orange County has developed Kid Builders which are easy activities to help your child grow in six areas: his or her mind, words, body, relationships, safety and health.

    These activities engage your child’s various skills and encourage them to move about and explore their surroundings. This ultimately helps your child’s mind and body grow strong and healthy.

    All of these areas are important for your child to be healthy and to succeed in school and in life. Try one of these easy and fun activities with your child today. 

    The free Kid Builders app is now available in the Apple App Store, Android App Store and online at


    Activities For Your Child

    View the activities for each age group below. There is one for every stage of your child’s early development!

    CFCOC Kid Builders Age Baby
    CFCOC Kid Builders Age 1 Year
    CFCOC Kid Builders Age 2 Years
    CFCOC Kid Builders Age 3 Years
    CFCOC Kid Builders Age 4-5 Years

  • Developmental Screenings

    Developmental screenings provides a complete head-to-toe assessment of your child to ensure that his or her growth and development is progressing on track.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends developmental checkups at your child’s 9, 18, 24 and 36 month well-child visits, although they can be performed every few months until your child’s fifth birthday.

    Good To Go provides monthly developmental screenings for free. Learn more about our programs here.

  • Ages & Stages Questionnaire

    The Ages & Stages Questionnaire is a parent completed developmental checkup taken to ensure that your child’s growth and development is progressing on track. It looks at your child’s strengths and challenges, educates you about developmental milestones, and incorporates your expert knowledge about your child to learn more about their development. It assesses five major development areas: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal social. It is valid, reliable and American Academy of Pediatrics recommended. 

    Complete an ASQ by clicking here. A completed ASQ also includes one (1) free child’s admission ticket to Pretend City Children’s Museum.