Help Bring Music to Pretend City!

Imagine your little one strumming on a guitar, banging on the drums and shaking the tambourine. Not only are they having a blast, but they are also learning while they play.

Pretend City wants to provide that experience for you and your family where you can shake, rattle, and roll together! Our new music pop-up exhibit will feature a variety of large-scale percussion and stringed instruments for you and your little one.

Music stimulates and awakens different parts of the brain, immersing the child in language and helping them develop memory while movement helps to develop their coordination. Music is a natural way for all children to express themselves and a great way to explore how sounds work.

A wealth of scientific research over the last decade is proving that music education is a powerful tool for attaining children’s full intellectual, social, and creative potential. Research indicates the brain of a musician works differently than that of a non-musician due to an increase in neural activity. USC neuroscientists at The Brain and Creativity Institute confirm that music instruction accelerates brain development in young children. The areas of the brain most impacted are responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception, and reading skills.

  • It speeds the development of speech and reading skills.
  • It trains children to focus their attention for sustained periods of time.
  • It helps children gain a sense of empathy for others.

Through music we can help children express their emotions in a positive way, develop their critical thinking and development skills. Their developing brains, even while in the womb, benefit significantly from exposure to music. It is one of the most natural and significant components of a young child’s growth and development. That is why we want to bring music to Pretend City!

We’re asking you to invest in Pretend City and our early childhood music exhibit to help our children learn, have fun and build their brains.

Your donation will directly impact the children that step through our city gates including your own!

Your financial support is critical in bringing Music to Pretend City Children’s Music. A generous donor has agreed to match every single dollar you give for the next 25 days – up to $7,500!  Make a special gift before the match runs out to have your gift doubled.


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