The Importance of Grandparents at Pretend City

The Importance of a Grandparent at Pretend City

Grandma and Grandpa each hold a big responsibility as a grandparent at Pretend City! Grandparents even hold a very special role in the life of a child. Their roles create a bond deeper than yummy snacks and free caregiving. The staff here at Pretend City fosters this bond by creating special programming and crafts to help grandparents and children better connect. We understand that creating an environment where grandparents and children connect has a profound impact on their grandchild’s child development and emotional well-being. 

A study by Boston College researchers found that emotionally close ties between grandparents and their grandchildren reduced depressive symptoms in both groups. While grandchildren offer their grandparents a new life and new ideas, grandparents offer great wisdom and advice. At Pretend City, we encourage our grandparents to use this valuable time to teach their little ones about life through our many exhibits. Knowing that grandparent interaction could lessen anxiety and depression is a big deal! We use this information to even create special days dedicated just for our grandparents.

Pretend City is an excellent organization which works to strengthen the bonds between a grandparent and grandchild. You can read together in the library or create a craft for mommy or daddy in the art studio. Families can even share your favorite foods together at Trader Joe’s. Pretend City offers many possibilities and benefits toward spending time together.  

If you are a grandparent interested in purchasing a membership – click here.

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