#GivingTuesday - Donate Today

Today is  #GivingTuesday! We are asking you to help enrich the Pretend City Developing and Discovering Diversity Program.

Wouldn’t you agree?
We want our children to grow up feeling great about themselves, their family, and their community.

Wouldn’t you agree?
We want our children to appreciate our cultural differences and similarities while feeling comfortable in experiencing new cultures.

Wouldn’t you agree?
We want our children to grow up with positive experiences that challenge stereotypical thinking.

So do we! Pretend City’s Developing and Discovering Diversity Program allows us to celebrate the many cultures and traditions that make up the tapestry of Orange County and beyond.

Pretend City’s Lunar New Year Celebration 2017

Your donation, big or small, will directly benefit the children at Pretend City by providing meaningful, fun, and age-appropriate cultural experiences including:

  • Expanding cultural celebrations
  • Cafe exhibit – each cafe changeover brings new programming
  • Home Exhibit – How are our families alike and different?
  • Professional Development
  • Community Partnerships

We can’t do it alone. Please give here.

Thank you!

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