Special Exhibit: Super Powers

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  • Suit Up and Gear Up

    Pretend City Children’s Museum is excited to announce our summer exhibit: Super Powers from Omaha Children’s Museum. Super Powers exhibit dissects the life of everyday caped crusaders and how their powers work to make the world a better place.  This exhibit introduces children to the mental and physical powers displayed by everyday superheroes and allows them to put these powers to the test through daily educational missions.

    What Themes Are Explored?

    Super Powers explores the individuals and organizations that work to make the world a better place each day.  Everyday superheroes include:  veterinarians, military personnel, doctors, public safety officers, scientists, educators and more.  Weekly programming will highlight super heroes in our community in addition to exploring future careers in our When I Grow Up programming.  

  •  A Place For Every Child To Be A Superhero

    Discover your inner hero and unlock your super powers in this kid-sized super power training ground. Fly, zip and smash your way through a real-life comic book city. Build your body and your bravery as you tackle challenges and complete missions throughout the exhibit and gear up with gadgets and gizmos that enhance your powers. Zip across the city and leap from rooftop to rooftop, charge the fuel cell and weave yourself through a web climber. Test your agility and nimbleness in the laser rope maze, create your own superhero comic at the comic creation station, grab a cape and take flight in the soaring simulator and gear up by creating your own cape and mask at the super powers headquarters.

    This special exhibit will inspire children and their families to discover their inner hero as they build their bravery and tackle challenges. “The exhibit has been created around the idea that every child is a superhero. We want children to believe in themselves. This exhibit will help empower children so that they believe in their own abilities to make a difference in the world,” says museum executive director Sandra Bolton.

  •  Super Powers Exhibit Components

  • Super Powers Superhero Headquarters at Pretend City Children's Museum

    Super Powers Headquarters Gear up by creating your own cape and mask, then find gadgets and gizmos to enhance your powers. Receive missions from superheroes to complete throughout the exhibit.

  • Super Powers Superhero Zipline at Pretend City Children's Museum

     Sky Slider Zip across the city on this ultimate superhero zip line gadget. Grab the handles and soar across the wire from one building to another.

  • Super Powers Comic Creation at Pretend City Children's Museum

    Comic Creation Station Work as a team to create a giant comic book on the art wall. Arrange a variety of comic book characters, props and speech bubbles on the wall to create your own superhero story. Another station allows kids to draw and color their own paper comic strip to take home with them.

  • Super Powers Wind Tunnel at Pretend City Children's Museum

     Wind Tunnel Grab a cape and take flight! Gusts of wind will flutter your cape as you see yourself flying through the air in the TV screen.

  • Super Powers Superhero Cycles at Pretend City Children's Museum

    Super Cycles Try to charge up the fuel cell in a flash by using a super cycle to convert your muscle movement into electricity. The faster you pedal, the more energy you make!

  • Super Powers Laser Rope Maze at Pretend City Children's Museum

    Rope Maze Only the most agile superheroes will make their way through this maze of ropes! Test your agility and nimbleness in this maze with routes ranging from varying difficulties.

  • Super Powers Storm Shooter at Pretend City Children's Museum

    Storm Shooter Launch a variety of weather elements like tornadoes, rain, lightning and even snow in the storm shooter to create your own crazy weather patterns.

  • Super Powers Mini Heroes Baby Park at Pretend City Children's Museum

    Mini Hero Park Mini heroes can be super in a special soft city. Roll, climb, crawl and teeter through this tot-sized town just like a big superhero. This area will accommodate the museum’s smallest guests with soft play blocks, reading nook, puppets and other activities.

  • Super Powers Decoding Station at Pretend City Children's Museum

    Decoding Station Little superheroes can learn how to create secret messages and decode them. There are multiple ways and even a secret dark room lair! They can also take the mission home by recreating these decoding projects.