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    Through 17 interactive exhibits and activities guided by a highly trained professional staff, children learn foundational math, reading and science skills, while fostering curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, organization, teamwork, self-confidence and socialization. Learn more about them below.

  • Amphitheater

    When I perform...
    I learn to express myself and develop self-confidence. I am building my social-emotional

    Construction Site

    When I build...
    I learn to use number concepts like more, less, longer and shorter. I am building geography and
    social skills.

    Gas Station

    When I work in the gas station...
    I learn to problem solve and the concept of trial and error. I am building fine motor and critical thinking skills.


    When I help at home...
    I learn to count, follow directions and accept responsibility. I am building cooperation and
    teamwork skills

    Grocery Store

    When I stock the store...
    I learn about the concept of weight, length and capacity. I am building pre-math concepts.
  • Art Studio

    When I create art...
    I exercise my imagination. I am building my creativity and fine motor skills.


    When I cook...
    I learn about multi-cultural dishes. I am building my understanding and appreciation of


    When I play in the water...
    I learn to experiment with objects that sink and float.
    I am building my pre-physics skills

    Post Office

    When I deliver the mail... I am using my knowledge of colors, shapes, and sizes. I am building math, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

    Orange Plaza

    When I crawl... I learn about cause and effect while scooting and rolling. I am building balance and coordination.
  • Bank

    When I bank...
    I learn about numbers and concepts of addition, subtraction, sorting and categorizing. I am building my math skills.

    Emergency Services

    When I enforce the law
    or fight fires...

    I learn to listen, to review maps and plan efficient routes. I am building problem solving and teamwork skills.

    Dentist Office

    When I brush my teeth...
    I learn personal hygiene. I am building and strengthening my fine motor skills.

    Real Cafe

    Pretend City also offers a nut-free table area for families to take a break. Healthy snacks are available from vending machines but nut-free
    outside food is
    also allowed.
  • Beach

    When I protect the beach...
    I learn about cause and effect. I am building my leadership skills.


    When I farm...
    I learn the process of food going from farm to table. I am building my critical thinking and negotiation skills.

    Health Center

    When I play doctor...
    I learn about my body and how it works. I am building my vocabulary, science skills and strengthening my fine
    motor skills.


    When I read... I learn how to listen, and interact with my imagination!