Everyone Counts! How Pretend City is involved in the California Census Count

Pretend City is Getting Involved in the OC Census Count

The California Census has a mission to ensure that all Californians are counted. By encouraging the full participation of all Californians, we can ensure that citizens receive their fair share of federal resources and congressional representation 

Pretend City is teaming up with the Census office to encourage parents to count their children under 5. Last Census, children under 5 years of age were seriously undercounted. This led to schools and educational programs being underfunded.  

This year, we want to urge parents to count ALL that are living in their homes. Some of our strategies include special programming in the Museum, a new mural, and monthly community meetings with a time for Q&A.  

Pretend City will also provide free admission tickets to each family that completes their census here in the Museum. This program will start in March. Date TBD.

For more information about our events: CLICK HERE 

To learn more about how you can ensure your entire family and those living in your home are counted, CLICK HERE. 

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