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Women & Steam

Did you know that a woman invented the circular saw? The newspaper? Today we will celebrate women and the impact they’ve made to society!  Art (ALL DAY):   Exploration No. 1> Did you know that Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin correctly hypothesized what our sun is composed of? Help us make a galaxy of stars using paper and tissue […]

STEM Up Challenge!

Ready to STEM Up to the Challenge? At 11 AM and 2:30 PM, we'll be exploring bouncing bubbles!

STEM It Up Challenge!

29 Hubble, Irvine, CA

Taking a twist on the standard sink vs. float exploration! At 11AM and 2:30PM we'll experiment with density exploration & layered liquids.  Are YOU ready to STEM it Up to the Challenge? ​**All events are subject to change. Purchase tickets here!

STEM UP to the Challenge!

Marvel at the wonders of science with our leak-proof bag experiment! Witness the magic at 11AM and 2:30PM. Are YOU ready to STEM it Up to the Challenge?