Early Childhood OC and Pretend City Collaborate

Early Childhood OC is a community collaborative that was formed to develop Orange County’s Early Childhood Policy Framework to ensure young children reach their developmental potential and are ready to succeed in school and life. 

Pretend City is actively involved with this collaborative which aligns with our mission to Build Better Brains. As an educational nonprofit, we recognize that affordable services must be available to families of ALL socioeconomic backgrounds. Our programs like baby steps, free family autism night, and way to play days are designed to empower families and create a safe environment that supports healthy child development while preparing children for life and school success.  

The science is clear, children’s early brain development occurs at an explosive rate, with more than one million neural connections formed per second in the first few years of life. Children’s early experiences shape their adulthood, which in turn shapes their community. Research shows that the earlier the investment in children’s health and development, the higher the return. (Orange County Community Indicator’s Report 2018) 

Each week, our organization will be sharing how we are following the Early Childhood Policy Framework. We want to educate our community on the importance of play in the City.  

All of this is crucial especially as society is having problems with increased rates of suicide, depression, bullying and incarceration rates. These are epidemics that we can combat through early childhood intervention.  

The Early Childhood Policy Framework provides a roadmap to catalyze action and enable highly effective community planning, advocacy, resource development and coordinated service delivery to reach the desired results. Join us and be a champion for early childhood. 


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