What Parents Need to Know About Their Child’s Dental Care

What Parents Need to Know About Their Child’s Dental Care

Quick question! When should you begin brushing your child’s teeth? When do they start showing teeth? When do they begin losing teeth? Did you know that you start dental hygiene during infancy! Parents should use a baby brush to brush an infant’s gums to rid any leftover milk and bacteria.  Let’s learn more about dental care.

Dental Hygiene:

There is a lot to learn about dental hygiene – especially for your little ones. Did you know that children need to start flossing at 2? Learning about good oral hygiene is an important factor that seems to be overlooked. Luckily, Pretend City provides FREE monthly dental screenings proudly sponsored by Healthy Smiles of Orange County.  

Pretend City Children’s Museum, an educational nonprofit, is joined monthly by Dentists who examine children up to 5 years old. Although tooth decay is one of the most chronic childhood diseases, it is 100 percent preventable. Through the help of various supporters, Healthy Smiles was brought to life and is now a resource that provides pediatric dental services to underserved families throughout Orange County. 

Some of the facts they share with parents include:  

  • Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease resulting in 51 million lost school hours each year 
  • 1 one out of 3 Orange County children have untreated tooth decay 
  • 1 out of 10 Orange County children have never visited the dentist 
  • Since our inception, the average age of children at their first visit to the dentist has dropped from 5 years to 2 years 
  • Toothbrushing should be performed for children by a parent twice daily, using a soft toothbrush of age-appropriate size. Additionally, children have not developed the fine motor skills to brush their own teeth until age 5-6! Children can brush their own teeth but make sure the parent gives a good brush afterward.  

If you want a free dental screening, please check our website for the prospective dates and times. Children receive a free toothbrush with every screening. If you have any more questions, please email info@pretendcity.org. 

 Visit here for more about our Good to Go Program.

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