Unplugging with your Kids - Pretend City's Cell Phone Policy

An in-depth look into Pretend City Children’s Museum Electronic Free Policy

It might seem like common sense to put down the phone when you’re watching your child, but studies show parents are finding it more and more difficult to unplug. Pretend City’s cell-phone policy encourages parents to unplug from their devices for the safety and well-being of their children.   

Ensuring parents are off their cell-phones and tablets keeps them alert and focused on their children. Our cell-phone policy ensures parents and children do not separate or get lost from one another. The policy also includes parents using laptops and tablets to work from home. 

Infants and children look to their caregiver for social cues, praise, or attention. Being responsive to children’s positive behaviors, noticing when they are kind, friendly or sharing improves a child’s social-emotional skills that are crucial for life-long success.   

Research shows that the overuse of technology is “detrimental to a child’s emotional health and wellness.” (Taylor, 2017) We know that parents need to stay in touch and understand you might need to communicate with a spouse or take an emergency call, however, overuse of technology or “distracted-parenting” negatively affects children. 

Finally, media use eliminates the need for imaginative play. Unplug during family time to build healthy habits with your child. Pretend City’s exhibits are designed to foster and grow developmental milestones to promote lifelong success in school and beyond. Being attentive is critical for imaginative play, social-emotional skills, and safety of our children.  

We hope you understand our cell-phone and electronics policy. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, email leadership at info@pretendcity.org 


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