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  • 10 Unique Holiday Traditions

    Gingerbread houses and Christmas trees and PRESENTS! The Holiday season is HERE and it’s about time to start lighting the Christmas tree and stuffing those stockings. This year, start some fun holiday traditions leading up to Christmas with your family to get your little one excited for the holiday season. Here are some fun traditions you and your family can do! Advent Calendar It is NEVER too late (okay, maybe the 24th would be too late…) to start an advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. You can buy one at any store in the holiday section or create your very own and include some goodies the family can enjoy. Worldly Traditions Exploring international traditions with your family would teach your child a lot about different cultures. This year at Pretend City, we are celebrating Las Posadas! Check out what we have to offer on our fun day of celebrating this Mexican tradition, Feliz Navidad! • Click here to learn more about how Pretend City is celebrating Las Posadas Christmas Loteria Play Merry Christmas Loteria. A Mexican style bingo game that’s fun for the whole family. Books Under The Tree Wrap Christmas books and place them under the tree. Every […]

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  • 13 Things for Halloween

    Celebrate Halloween all month long with “13 Things for Halloween”! Here are 13 fun ways to have your family come together for some holiday bonding! Celebrate Halloween through the whole month of October with these fun activities and crafts! Courtesy of Beenbooed.com 1. BOO Someone Start this game in your neighborhood or community! Prepare treats/goodie bags with your children and deliver the goodies to a friend’s doorstep in the neighborhood! Include the “phantom poem” with your treats. Make sure you ring the doorbell and dash out of sight before you are seen. It is then their turn to “Boo” someone else in the community. Make sure you post the BOO ghost in your window until Halloween so you aren’t BOO-ed twice!  Click HERE to read more about the BOO Game. Click HERE to download the Phantom Poem and BOO ghost. Courtesy of Spirited Puddle Jumper Blog 2. Ghost Bowling Let your children decorate “ghostly” plastic/paper cups with spooky faces! Use the ghost cups as bowling pins in their own Ghost Bowling game! Courtesy of  I Save A to Z  3. Milk Jug Ghost-o-Lanterns  A cleaner alternative to pumpkin carving–let your child decorate his/her own ghost-o-lantern with recycled milk jugs! Click HERE for Milk Jug […]

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  • Autism and Play: 6 ways to help your child play

    Play helps children develop gross and fine motor skills, language and communication skills, problem-solving, and social skills.  Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can impact and interfere with how play develops, but there is a lot you can do to help develop your child’s ability to play. Children with ASD enjoying playing, but they may find some types of play difficult.  They tend not to play in a varied and spontaneous way.  You may find that your child plays in a repetitive way, or has only a few favorite toys.  For example, your child might complete a puzzle in the same order every time. Because ASD affects the development of social and communication skills, it can also affect the development of important skills needed for play, such as the ability to explore the environment, share objects and attention with others, respond to others and take turns.  Understanding the intentions of others can also be impaired. But your child can learn and develop the skills needed for play, and you can help. Young children engage mainly in six types of play that develop in stages: Exploratory play Your child will look, feel, and mouth objects.  Encourage your child to explore objects around her.  […]

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  • Join in a movement of generosity! #GivingTuesday

    We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday. #GivingTuesday a global day dedicated to giving back. Join in this movement of generosity by helping to support healthy early childhood development. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. This year, Pretend City Children’s Museum is asking you to consider making a small $5 or $10 donation to our Imagination Playground Indiegogo Campaign as your #GivingTuesday contribution. Help support healthy child development, and families in your community. We are inching closer and closer to our goal, but we can’t make it without your help. Please visit our Indiegogo campaign for more information on bringing this great resource to Pretend City. https://igg.me/at/pretendcity  

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  • Sneak Peek: Books Alive Art Gallery

    Grand Opening of the Books Alive Art Gallery Friday, September 5, 2014 All September long, visit Pretend City’s Books Alive Art Gallery.  Our grand opening will kick-off with our first Author’s Day on Friday, September 5th. This unique art exhibit features open-ended art projects that have been created by our guests. This exciting display of children’s art is all based off of children’s books. You’ll see a wide range of creative paintings, weaving and collage and some interesting 3-D art applications. Parents and children will develop an appreciation for the art of other people and cultures, and the confidence to express their own thoughts and feelings through art. Here’s a look at what’s going on behind-the-scenes!  

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