Fun Activities for Kids

  • Under the deep blue sea!

    Special Newport Landing Whale Watching activities every week! During the month of July, our Partner in Play, Newport Landing Whale Watching, will be at Pretend City every Wednesday at 11:00a.m. to lead a special activity! Children and grown-ups will delight in learning about the different sea creatures that live on our California coast. There’s so much to see and learn under the deep blue sea! Today, our partners had a special “All Aboard” activity where children got to go on a whale watching adventure. Newport Landing Whale Watching showed us video of different sea creatures jumping and swimming in the ocean. Equipped with binoculars, children were able to see different types of whales and even a great white shark!   Upcoming Partner in Play Days with Newport Landing Whale Watching: July 9:  Sea Lion Shenanigans July 16: Biggest Animal Ever July 23:  Litter for Lunch July 30: Deep Blue Sea Life  

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  • Try a Free Demo of the Pretend City Playgroups!

    Interested in joining Pretend City’s Play’s the Way Playgroup? Try it out by joining a free demo. Simply check-in at the Front Desk on the day of the demo to participate. Each demo will give you a glimpse of the various activities done during  circle time, as well as some play time on the museum floor. Please join the playgroup demo that best matches your child’s age. This will create a better environment for all of our participants. PC Pretenders Demo (Members Only 2- 3 years) June 27th at 9:15 – 11:15am Fabulous Four Demo June 27th at 3:00 – 5:00pm Young Toddler Demo (18 – 24 months) July 1st at 3:30 – 5:00pm Terrific Two Demo July 2nd at 3:00 – 5:00pm Thriving Three Demo July 3rd at 3:00 – 5:00pm Please note that we are expecting a higher number of participants for our demo classes than is permitted. Playgroups will have a maximum of 8 – 12 children in each group during the 6 week program. For more information about each playgroup, click here.

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  • Food Art for Kids! Inspire Healthy Eating through Art!

    7 Food Art Project Ideas for Kids This month, we’re exploring all the fun and exciting things that happen in a Grocery Store. Perhaps your child will take on the roles of a cashier, stocker, customer, or maybe even the store manager! However, in order to make smart choices in the Grocery Store, we need to understand nutrition and healthy eating. So before you head off to the grocery store, stop by the Art Studio to create art projects that will inspire healthy eating as your children explore healthy food options in a fun and unique way – through art! Find the fun, educational lead art activity day that best suits your child’s developmental level: (Pin for later for fun at-home art projects:   Mondays: Art Studio Sessions – Food Fun Specifically for:  Infants (Birth – 12 months) Not everything you buy at the grocery store is just for eating! Edible items are great for art projects with your infants as mouthing is how babies learn about the world- one lick at a time. Join us to see what your child will create.   Tuesdays: Art Studio Sessions – Paint with Your Food Specifically for:  Young Toddler (12 – 24 […]

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  • Easy Edible Craft Ideas for Christmas!

    Tired of making gingerbread houses every year? Need a fun family activity to do with the kids this winter break? During our weeklong countdown to Christmas, our guests had special “cooking” activities where they made works of art out of edible treats. These activities were a perfect detour from the usual crafts and are so easy to do at home. Scroll down for these easy, simple, and yummy crafts you can do at home! (Pin for later:       Do you have any fun edible craft ideas for young children? Share them on our Facebook here!

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