Fun Activities for Kids

  • Activities for Visually Impaired Children

    Playtime with Blind and visually impaired children by Wooden Toy Shop

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  • 10 Unique Holiday Traditions

    Gingerbread houses and Christmas trees and PRESENTS! The Holiday season is HERE and it’s about time to start lighting the Christmas tree and stuffing those stockings. This year, start some fun holiday traditions leading up to Christmas with your family to get your little one excited for the holiday season. Here are some fun traditions you and your family can do! Advent Calendar It is NEVER too late (okay, maybe the 24th would be too late…) to start an advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. You can buy one at any store in the holiday section or create your very own and include some goodies the family can enjoy. Worldly Traditions Exploring international traditions with your family would teach your child a lot about different cultures. This year at Pretend City, we are celebrating Las Posadas! Check out what we have to offer on our fun day of celebrating this Mexican tradition, Feliz Navidad! • Click here to learn more about how Pretend City is celebrating Las Posadas Christmas Loteria Play Merry Christmas Loteria. A Mexican style bingo game that’s fun for the whole family. • Click here to print out FREE Christmas Loteria cards Books Under The Tree […]

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  • 13 Things for Halloween

    Celebrate Halloween all month long with “13 Things for Halloween”! Here are 13 fun ways to have your family come together for some holiday bonding! Celebrate Halloween through the whole month of October with these fun activities and crafts! Courtesy of 1. BOO Someone Start this game in your neighborhood or community! Prepare treats/goodie bags with your children and deliver the goodies to a friend’s doorstep in the neighborhood! Include the “phantom poem” with your treats. Make sure you ring the doorbell and dash out of sight before you are seen. It is then their turn to “Boo” someone else in the community. Make sure you post the BOO ghost in your window until Halloween so you aren’t BOO-ed twice!  Click HERE to read more about the BOO Game. Click HERE to download the Phantom Poem and BOO ghost. Courtesy of Spirited Puddle Jumper Blog 2. Ghost Bowling Let your children decorate “ghostly” plastic/paper cups with spooky faces! Use the ghost cups as bowling pins in their own Ghost Bowling game! Click HERE for Ghost Bowling! Courtesy of  I Save A to Z  3. Milk Jug Ghost-o-Lanterns  A cleaner alternative to pumpkin carving–let your child decorate his/her own ghost-o-lantern with recycled milk […]

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  • Making Time For Play at Every Age

    Kids of all ages need and have a right to play – as do all other living creatures… including adults!  With play hours being sucked from a child’s day at drastic rates, it is even more important that adults ensure that children and the whole family MAKE TIME FOR PLAY.  We are raising a generation of anxious, overweight, unsocial children and play is the antidote for all of these problems. Here are some tips to keep play alive and kickin’ at any age: 0-1: Play is critical for this explosive period of brain development.  It is imperative for forming core attachments, which sets the anchor for healthy relationships. Provide lots of sensory stimulation with a variety of textures, smells, and sounds.  Belly time on the floor with interesting objects will do the trick.  And provide lots of face-to-face time with your baby. Remember that you are your baby’s mirror to the world. This is an easy one because it’s so much fun to play patty cake and peekaboo and just to giggle with your baby! 1-2: Play is all about moving at this age.  So give your little one lots of opportunity to move in big spaces that provide a […]

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  • 5 Easy Tips to Engage Your Kids in Science

    Inspire your children to love science! Pretend City was happy to contribute to OC Register‘s Family Tips section on Tuesday, July 8. Our Senior Director of Education, Linda Hunter, provided 5 easy tips to engage your kids in science. The article appeared in the OC Family Section, titled “Five fun ways to teach kids about science and more.” The article lists five easy and fun things you can do to integrate STEM education into your child’s play. Explore the outdoors Watch a science-oriented TV program together Engineer and build together Recycle your “trash” into something creative. Get inspired by visiting our Ultimate Recycling Machine. USe your child’s next health check up as an opportunity to talk about human health. The article expands on each tip with examples on how to integrate STEM into your child’s play. Try out these 5 tips this summer, and let us know how they worked for your family. We’d love to hear from you! If you are on OC Register subscriber, click here to read the article on OC Register’s website. Log-in is required.  Not an OC Register subscriber? Click here to read a PDF of the article.   

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