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  • Welcome Taymourian Family!

    Pretend City welcomes the Taymourian Family as our new residents in our Home Exhibit! The Taymourians, Kamran, Nadereh, Kourosh, and Kian are from Irvine, California and are of Iranian descent. They speak both English and Persian in their home and enjoy a traditional Iranian meal every night. Each quarter, we model our home after a featured family to highlight our Developing and Discovering Diversity Program. We provide a learning environment that incorporates different cultures, allowing children to experience differences in families in a concrete way. Children can physically play in a different family home and truly immerse themselves in that culture. The Taymourian family shares the museum’s view on the power of diversity and believes it to be an important part of every child’s learning. They believe it’s important to learn tolerance, understanding and appreciation for different cultures. One of the ways to experience a different culture is to learn about the foods people eat. A strong component of a Persian home is fresh brewed tea. It’s traditionally made with loose tea leaves and fresh boiling water in large tea pot. The color of your tea is as important as the smell, so Persian families use transparent or glass cups to […]

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  • A Taste of Italy with Pretend City

    Ciao! Pretend City would like to welcome our little visitors to our brand new Italian restaurant, La Trattoria Italiano! La Trattoria Italiano is a fully interactive restaurant exhibit where your child can immerse themselves in Italian cuisine and all that it’s got to offer. Come as a patron and watch your little tot play restaurant server by taking your order and sending it to “la cucina,” or the kitchen. The kitchen is fully stocked with assorted spices and ingredients for your child to play chef and get creative. What will they cook up? The menu offers a variety of authentic Italian cuisine with food your child can get messy with to create delectable dishes! Enjoy a delicious plate of spaghetti and meatballs or a nice afternoon Gelato! This meaningful play will teach children how to identify shapes and colors while learning about the food they put into their bodies. This exhibit displays rich Italian culture with images of Italian cities along the walls and popular food and art. Your child will also learn first-hand the responsibilities that come with a restaurant job from taking patrons’ orders as a server to cleaning up afterward as a busser. Utilizing different roles in […]

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  • Trader Joe’s Grocery Store at Pretend City Children’s Museum

    Have you ever thought of a grocery shopping as a learning experience for children? Your grocery store is filled with great literacy and math learning opportunities  including: Counting Addition/subtraction Measuring Learning the value of money Sorting and categorizing Letter recognition On your next visit, incorporate a fun activity to teach your child mathematics while shopping by giving them a go at shopping for apples – they will pick up skills such as: weighing objects identifying differences and similarities in shapes and sizes calculating costs The grocery store is also a great opportunity to teach by example. Your child may have observed how you make one of their favorite meals at home, such as spaghetti. While grocery shopping, ask them what ingredients are needed to make their favorite spaghetti at home and let them pick it out. They will learn things about the grocery store such as: that the store is organized into groups of similar things (i.e. produce, aisles, dairy) that it takes several ingredients to make one thing (the whole is made up of many elements) that the same product can have different costs (consumer literacy) Come to Pretend City and explore our brand new Trader Joe’s grocery store! […]

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  • Family Fun on Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and although it is the norm to celebrate the day with a special loved one, it can also be a day to make it fun and loving for the whole family. You can make this special holiday of love fun for your child with special arts and crafts or cooking Valentine meals the whole family can enjoy.   Here are some fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your little tot:   Make Valentine’s Day cookies. Kids love to help out around the kitchen, not to mention getting your child to help prepare meals teaches them responsibility in the kitchen. Get out the heart-shaped cookie cutter, red and pink frosting, heart sprinkles and don’t forget the cookie dough. Get the whole family around the table and enjoy this creative activity. Make homemade Valentine’s Day cards. This activity may take a little bit of prep but it will be fun for your child to be able to decorate their own Valentine’s Day cards. Have your child make personalized cards to their friends and family with fun messages or make a whole batch out to a local nursing home, shelter or hospital. Enjoy family night with a […]

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  • Activities for Visually Impaired Children

    Playtime with Blind and visually impaired children by Wooden Toy Shop

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