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    How to Snag a Coupon to Pretend City Our Museum, first, wants to thank you for your continued support of your facility. Your family’s admission helps to financially support our mission of “building better brains.” This allows us to provide discounted and free admission to thousands of children across Pretend City while also educating parents and business of our developmental screenings, child development, and healthy play.    Here are a few tips on how to acquire coupons and free admission to Pretend City.  Way to Play Days: Buy One Get One Free Days occur on the second Friday of every month. In addition, we provide ASQ’s in which you will receive an additional free admission. COUPON HERE: Sign up for our Newsletter: Receive a Buy One Get One Half Off in our Welcome Email [Coupon is emailed at the end of every month] Sign up for our Newsletter on our front page (Message could take a few moments to pop up) Other special ways to receive coupons to Pretend City include taking an ASQ, being active on our social media, visiting special outreach events or attending a birthday party or field trip at Pretend City!  When you book a group visit, your family and friends will save 20% when […]

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  • Unplugging with your Kids – Pretend City’s Cell Phone Policy

    An in-depth look into Pretend City Children’s Museum Electronic Free Policy It might seem like common sense to put down the phone when you’re watching your child, but studies show parents are finding it more and more difficult to unplug. Pretend City’s cell-phone policy encourages parents to unplug from their devices for the safety and well-being of their children.    Ensuring parents are off their cell-phones and tablets keeps them alert and focused on their children. Our cell-phone policy ensures parents and children do not separate or get lost from one another. The policy also includes parents using laptops and tablets to work from home.  Infants and children look to their caregiver for social cues, praise, or attention. Being responsive to children’s positive behaviors, noticing when they are kind, friendly or sharing improves a child’s social-emotional skills that are crucial for life-long success.    Research shows that the overuse of technology is “detrimental to a child’s emotional health and wellness.” (Taylor, 2017) We know that parents need to stay in touch and understand you might need to communicate with a spouse or take an emergency call, however, overuse of technology or “distracted-parenting” negatively affects children.  Finally, media use eliminates the need for […]

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  • Best Potty Training Tips from Orange County Parents

    Best Potty Training Tips Oh, Potty Training. What a wonderful time in a child’s life. Right? Okay, well it might not be the easiest transition – potty training can be eased a bit with these helpful tips from Orange County parents.   Tip 1: Have a positive outlook on using the restroom.  Oscar G. writes: Make sure everyone in the household looks at going to the bathroom as a positive. — Don’t make faces if it smells, don’t get angry if there are accidents. — Celebrate it instead and be shameless about it when *you* as a parent go, and let them see, watch, ask questions, etc. And then be excited when it’s their turn.   Tip 2: Consistency and Routine  Use the restroom always. Try placing your child’s potty where they are so they don’t have a choice but to use it. Keep it up though and don’t back down.  Tip 3: Don’t push it! All kids are different.  This tip comes from quite a few parents. Shana S. writes, “Wait because when they’re ready to own the decision to use the toilet, it’s pretty seamless.” Christine W. writes, “With one kid, I pushed and she pushed back. I finally backed off and ordered a […]

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  • What’s a Good Age for My Child to Attend Pretend City? & Other FAQ’s

    Is My Child Too Old to Go to Pretend City? & Other FAQ’s Our organization gets asked many questions about whether or not their children are the right age for Pretend City. We are here to share some helpful tips when deciding to visit the Museum. Is My Child Too Young for Pretend City? The quick answer is, No. Pretend City offers a special program called, Baby Steps. Twice a month, Pretend City hosts a special event for babies 18 months and younger. We encourage parents to visit as early as 2 months because we offer a free child development screening which checks your babies milestones. The event is only $10 when you register online and infants are always free. Baby Steps is great for parents of little ones that are just starting to walk and crawl. Will My Child Like Pretend City? Pretend City is designed for all children to connect with an exhibit and have a fun and unique experience. However, we also understand that children all learn and play differently. If your child enjoys role-playing, pretend play, dress-up, story time, and interacting with entire exhibits, then Pretend City is for you! Is My Child Too Old for […]

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  • Autism Mom Describes Her Families Experience at Pretend City

    It had been a while since I had been to pretend city Irvine. I had taken my boys years ago. In fact, my oldest one didn’t even remember ever going. That’s how long it’s been. I forgot how amazing that place is for children. We were invited to the opening of the new music room, and I am so grateful that we were. My youngest fell in love with it, he adores music. We spent so much time in the music room even though there was so much to do on the outside of this room. My oldest one wanted to explore more while my youngest was perfectly content in the music room. He enjoyed playing and exploring with the instruments. He was himself in his world. We eventually ventured out of the room and explored all that Pretend City had to offer. They have so many rooms with so much pretend of real life. Though after each room we explored my little one would run, and I mean run, back to the music room. I sure got my miles in on this day. The excitement and fun that my boys had on this day is a day to remember. […]

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